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If you’ve been arrested, I can give you the confidential, top-quality defense help you need to protect your freedom and legal rights.  I provide:

  • Fast, in-person response 24/7
  • 25 years of experience in successfully handling criminal cases
  • Over 100 criminal jury trials handled
  • Free first consultation
  • Reasonable fees
  • ALL major credit cards accepted
  • ALL of your questions answered & practical advice you can rely on
  • With all DUI’s & serious driving offenses: I work hard to protect your driver’s license.

Record of Success in Criminal, DUI & Serious Driving Offenses

I defend ALL misdemeanor and felony charges, including DUI and serious driving offenses. I’ve established a record of success in obtaining benefits such as these for my clients:

  • Charges dropped,
  • Charges reduced,
  • Reduced fines
  • Reduced restrictions on freedom
  • Reduced sentences
  • Acquittals (“not guilty”)

Please see my Successes page for some recent case results.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Help in Orange County & Southern CA

I treat EVERY criminal case as a serious matter requiring a fast response and careful attention. I can provide you with the experienced, top quality criminal defense you’ll need in Orange County and all of Southern California, including Vista, Riverside, and Los Angeles.  For more information about your specific charges, please see these pages:

DUI: drunk/drugged driving, felony DUI, DMV license hearings
Sex Crimes: child molestation, child porn, rape/sexual battery, prostitution, indecent exposure
Drug Crimes: drug possession, drug sale/trafficking, marijuana sale/possession
Juvenile Crime: all felonies, misdemeanors, DUI, serious traffic charges
Traffic Offenses: reckless driving, hit & run, driving on suspended license
Violence: assault & battery, domestic violence, homicide
Weapons Charges: concealed firearm, unlawful sale, brandishing weapon, all other weapon charges
Arson: burning a building or vehicle; all other unlawful fires

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There is no reason to delay. Call now and get peace of mind, knowing you’ll have the best possible defense on every charge against you.  I’m criminal defense attorney Scott R. Cadzow, and I will respond right away.

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